About the custom GHC fork

Asterius currently is based on a custom GHC fork maintained here. We regularly merge master commits back, build new bindists and use them on CI, to ensure our fork doesn't get bit-rotten and become painful to upstream back.

Here is a complete list of differences we've made in the fork (surprisingly few at the moment):

  • Enable D5079 and D5082, which are kindly offered by Joachim Breitner but not all landed in master yet.
  • Implement additional Hooks: tcRnModuleHook, stgCmmHook, cmmToRawCmmHook.
  • Link ghc-pkg/hsc2hs with -threaded.

See the circleci-ghc-bindist/appveyor-ghc-bindist branches of asterius repo for CI scripts to build bindists for the fork. The AppVeyor script is broken for now.